Thursday, January 05, 2006

McManis Pinot Grigio, 2004, California

I got this wine from one of my distributors today and I thank him kindly, It was a great wine. I made a nice rice and chicken dinner with a sauce of orange peel and and tarragon and it went great with the wine. The wine maker is none other than Jeff Runquist who made the #1 wine of the 2005 San Francisco chronicle wine tasting(Petite Sirah, Salman Vineyard, Clarksburg appellation).

Color: Light straw color with a brilliance
Nose: It has a nice creamy orange character with tropical flavors and an interesting aroma of candied banana. This is usually a yeast characteristic from a warm and happy fermentation.
Palate: Soft acidity with and a viscosity covering the palate and a citrus, lemon drop character on the way down.
Overall: I am not a connoisseur of Pinot Grigio but this was great especially for the price I paid for it(nothing) but also a great value at $9.00. I give it a B+, there's lots of it around.


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