Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wine Blogging Wednesday #19, Rhone Varietals

This WBW we're are giving our reviews on Rhone Varietals. I chose an Eric Solomon Selection that I am enjoying. If you follow my blog you can see I have a liking for his imports from Spain. His wines always seem to hit the excellent value mark for me.

Marco Real, 2001 Garnacha, Navarra, Spain

This wine has a nice dark color with some signs of aging on the edges. Out of the bottle it has a funky nose that blows off with some aeration. After about a half hour the wine exudes berry fruit and violet aromas. The finish is long and tannins are ripe, leaving a slight bitter coffee taste in the mouth that makes it even better with a zesty tomato based pasta sauce. I like this wine a lot and give it a B for good value. I believe it can be found in many outlets for under $10.00.


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